Business Bankruptcy for Texas companies

Bankruptcy Help for Small Businesses across Texas.  Chapter 7, 11, Sub- Chapter 5,  Chapter 12, and Chapter 13 relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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Get your free initial consultation via Zoom or in-person. We should be able to provide you with solutions tailored to your situation.  We’ll help you think through the following questions that are at the bedrock of most business financial difficulties.

Consider the following:

  • What must happen for your business to become profitable?
  • Is profitability realistic under a lawful restructuring plan, or is liquidation the more likely option?
  • Where can you cut costs? Are you benefitting from all your business locations?
  • Will the rejection of certain equipment or property leases benefit your business?
  • What type of marketing is working for you and how much does your client acquisition cost?
  • How can you, as the owner, limit or eliminate your exposure (assuming that we are consulting you individually and not your corporation)?

With a practical approach, we’ll look into:

  1. Your budget, income, and expenses
  2. Equipment or property leases
  3. Your business locations
  4. Pending lawsuits, evictions, and judgments
  5. Licensing/regulatory issues
  6. Balloon notes due or becoming due
  7. Outstanding tax matters
  8. Co-signed notes and personal guarantees
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Or call us for a free consultation - (832) 844-5210. Instant appointments until 8:00 PM (based on availability)

Get some Business Bankruptcy Answers!


  1.  We will discuss if bankruptcy makes sense for you.
  2.  Which bankruptcy chapters apply to your situation?
  3.  What are the benefits and disadvantages of each applicable bankruptcy chapter?
  4.  What are the costs associated with the filing of a bankruptcy case?
  5. We’ll discuss our payment plans.

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Or call us for a free consultation - (832) 844-5210. Instant appointments until 8:00 PM (based on availability)

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Instant appointments until 8PM (based on availability)

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